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Sayonara Soaks! All bath soaks 10% until they're gone!

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It's not goodbye...

It's just see ya later. Our soak line ins getting a facelift, and we are stoked! But don't worry, you can still scoop up these old faves for 10% off until they're gone.

For everything but your dirty mind

We Believe...

It's all out there. Everything we need to cleanse, detoxify, replenish, moisturize, nurture, and give that tingly sensation inside and out exists in the wild. Honestly, we're not doing anything special... all the hard work has already been done by Nature, and we believe in modifying her elements as little as possible.

Maybe we're naive for believing in the power of plants. Maybe we're a little jaded thinking that skincare really is simple. Maybe we're just lazy... well, no, we're definitely lazy, but in this case it works to our advantage. We love our products because they're free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, cruelty free, packaged using recyclable, reusable materials, and hopefully, for your skin's sake, you'll love them too.